Paddington Pollaky

The Pollaky Project


The Mysterious Times of Ignatius Paul
Pollaky cover
Detective, Alien Hunter, Adventurer

Words and Music by Bryan Kesselman

Ignatius Pollaky
(1828-1918) was a Hungarian born Private Investigator famous
for placing mysterious messages in the Agony Column of the Times newspaper
as well as for a brief mention in the Gilbert and Sullivan opera
Patience (1881)
His office was at No.13 Paddington Green.

This new work will be based on a number of original sources
including contemporary interviews with Pollaky and articles
about his life and his work.

Extracts performed at the King's Head Theatre, Islington 20 October 2013
as part of the
Flourish showcase with the following cast:

Pollaky: Bryan Kesselman
Adelaide: Carol Anne Grainger

Piano: Tim Smith

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